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PP1706.050-300-C 12,7(1/2") 78,59(3") 88,9 78,59 7,94 19,05 41,3

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Technical & Application


Pin: Carbon steel, C1008-C1010, zinc plated.
Single wire loop: hard drawn spring wire.

Technical Notes

Pin and cotter in one, preventing loss of parts. Pull wire over pin to lock in place, no need for separate clevis pin and cotter. Ideal economic solution for quick release applications. Whereas part PP1700 has a double wire loop, PP1706 has just a single wire loop.


Use lanyard or retaining cable to permanently attach wire lock pin to assembly, see part nos. LA1010 to LA1224.
Also known as PTO Pins, Snapper Pins, Hitch Pins and Quick Pins.


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PP1706.050-300-C 68 7-10 days 1-9£ 11.2410-19£ 10.1220-49£ 8.9950-99£ 7.87100+£ 6.74

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CAD & Data Sheets

Product Datasheets

PP1706 Lock Pin - Square Wire - Single 496 kB pdf
Locking Pins 2 MB pdf
Pull Pins 4 MB pdf
Quick Release Pins 16 MB pdf

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