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Data Table

Order No. Order by articlenumber Trade size Order by parameter Material Order by parameter l1 nom. Order by parameter l2 Order by parameter d1 Order by parameter
LA1224.M128.01-C 4 Steel 128 32 1,8
LA1224.M192.01-C 4 Steel 192 32 1,8
LA1224.M256.01-C 4 Steel 256 32 1,8
LA1224.M320.01-C 4 Steel 320 32 1,8
LA1224.M448.01-C 4 Steel 448 32 1,8

Technical & Application


Steel (1008), zinc plated.


For use in securing components to assemblies, or to avoid items being misplaced. Split rings see part no. LA1260. For wide range of quick release pins see part nos. QR1004 through QR5590.

CAD & Data Sheets

Product Datasheets

LA1224 Lanyard - Tenso Chain 471 kB pdf
Lanyards 1 MB pdf
Quick Release Pins 16 MB pdf

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